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Friends Forever, Part 2 by ThexW-I-T-C-HxMaster Friends Forever, Part 2 by ThexW-I-T-C-HxMaster
Elyon Brown also known as the heart of Meridian, was now mine forever... I was forced to take control over her mind and body forever only becuase it became harder and harder to being her out of the spell of the horn of hypnos which possessed her body making her a mindless doll known as a 'Trance Marcher' this spell resulted in the victim obeying any command the user have for them no matter what, this part of the spell had serviced me well in the past when it came to ordering the Guardians to do things they may never have done 'normally' including destorying any ties they have with friends and/or family members even boyfriends they has strong feelings for... however using this would over time... making the victim less and less 'human' and more mindless. This effect made it easier to control even the MOST strong willed people like Guardians of the veil which I have done before. My methed however was only to use them for short periods of time only to gain what I needed from them and return them to normal with fules memories... In this case I would be forced to keep Elyon and one person she cared about most... Her best friend Cornelia was the perfect chose both had been controlled by the horn before so they wouldn't be hard to control and with Elyon already fully possessed by the horns spell would make it even easier to hypnotized Cornelia Hale Elyon had herself had the ability to hypnotized people without using the horn. I could use this as a way to being Cornelia to me before using the horn on her turning her into a 'Trance Marcher' like Elyon forever. By this point I had already order the Queen to use her power to give me full control over the planet Meridian... this would be all I needed to being the Guardians out of hiding... and hut down Cornelia and prehaps some of her Guardian friends as a bonus... My plan worked like I figured it would just days after I took control of the planet Meridian with the mind controlled Elyon, the Guardians showed up to find out what was happening to their 'friend'. I thought it wouldn't be right to show her to them until after Cornelia was under my control to 'help' control Elyon more completely. With both of them under the horns spell forever it would only be a matter of time before Will and the others joined them like in times past... but this time would be for keeps. Just as I planed out my next steps the Guardians decided to make my job and plan ALOT more easy for they decided to split up and try and find out where Elyon was... in fact it was so unbelieveable that Will Vandom the keeper of the heart of Kandrakar AND the Earth Guardian split up TOGETHER I couldn't believe my luck I knew that this had to be fate once more on my side, I decided now to revile Elyon to her 'friends'... At first when she appared to them they couldn't tell that she was not the same old 'Elyon' any more they couldn't see that she now belonged to me and that soon so would they. Elyon called out to them luring them out to the open of at this point Elyon began to hypnotized Cornelia without Will noticing as they got closer to her... Cornelia became even more hypnotized until soon she was out of it... once Will noticed the look on she face however I knew it was time to act... as Elyon hypnotized Cornelia I jumped for behind her and blow the horn of hypnos at all of them the horn had already entranced Elyon so it would not have much more effect on her already hypnotized mind. However the effects on Will and more importantly Cornelia how at this point what ALREADY hypnotized by Elyon, was now 'Trance Marchers'! As Will Vandom stood their mindlessly I used the horns abilities on Cornelia to act as a 'controller' over Elyon I could already tell that it was working as Elyon who was in fact a mindless servent of the horn began to act more normally as she did when I first started to hypnotize her with the horn now it would be easier to being her to her old self. But at this point it didn't matter the reason for doing this was to hide the fact I was giving Elyon orders on how to rule her planet... I realized that I had in fact changed my own plans without knowning it at the point the Guardians decided to split up at this point I looked back at Will and ordered her to come closer and join the other two who stood in front of me, which she obeyed without question, I then used the full power of the horn to make them all mine forever which made their powers even stronger then before... This is when I told them how they would all be friends forever under the spell of the horn, in which they replyed to me 'friends forever, yes master'...

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I don't own these characters I have only edited them. W.I.T.C.H. the animated series, © is Owned by Disney.

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AthenaMags Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
Looks really pretty!
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Thanks very much :D.
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