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Commission: A 'New' Member by ThexW-I-T-C-HxMaster Commission: A 'New' Member by ThexW-I-T-C-HxMaster
Here is another great commissioned image done for me by ~Rukietta89, she is commissioning right now here… Her prices to me are some of the best I've seen if your looking for someone to commission :aww:. In this image I really wanted to come up with so way to explain why the guardians don't have their classic boots on in the story it's one thing to say their boots are crappy looking from the outside in, but how could I use it in the storyline I'm telling and this idea was what I came up with... every Superherine has something that keeps them from using their full power to go all out something that allows them to uses only enough power to get the job done, but what if that control was lost, in some of the commissions I did the guardians don't have shoes on and this explains in the story why, my idea is simple the guardian boots is the source of this control. I asked ~Rukietta89 to do an image with next member to join the former guardians as my servant Susan Vandom being shown having her shoes taken off this is a perfect example of my vision of the story and will allow me to explain away the crappy, ugly purple boots!
The Gimmick: This takes place after Susan Vandom was blowin in to a trance by Orube I needed someone who had elemental powers that they themselves didn't realize. Susan Vandom is the mother of the guardian leader I knew she has to be one of this type people I ordered my new guardian servants to capture her and use the horn, I than ordered Orube to try and transform her into guardian form and see if she was really one of this people I had foreseen, indeed monuments after I came up on them and Orube had just blowin Susan into a trance, I than ordered the next step that would allow Susan to lose all control over her power. She would not hold back anything for now she like the others were mindless and the source of all of her guardian mortails were now being taken aways as well. Halinor began to slip off the last of her shoe you could see the final door to Susan's full power being opened as it had been with the former guardians and even Orube... now Susan Vandom is completely mindless and will make a great addition to the former guardians... but now I will have to make Will forget everything she knew about her mother just as I did to Hay Lin and her grandmother when she was made to rejoin her friends as the former guardians. That was my idea and my vision for this image done so well by ~Rukietta89


I don't own these characters I have only edited them. W.I.T.C.H. the animated series, is Owned by Disney.

Commission done by :iconrukietta89:. Orube and Susan Vandom Outfit also designed by :iconrukietta89:!
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OMG *.*
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Cool in plot reason for the boots/shoes being gone, but what are 'mortails'? Did you mean morals or something else? Found it in the part saying '...and the source of all of her guardian mortails taken away as well'
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July 29, 2013
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