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Will and the Passling in the Caves by ThexW-I-T-C-HxMaster Will and the Passling in the Caves by ThexW-I-T-C-HxMaster
Will Vandom was in fact the keeper of the heart of Kandrakar... at the time I meet up with her in the caves below Meridian she was in the hands of 'Prince' Phobos the than 'ruler' of the planet. He was right to keep her locked in the caves however unkowningly to him she really didn't have the heart like she told him when he captured her on Earth... the best part about his mistake was it would give me a chance to take average of this opportunely for you see I had been waiting for the chance to once again take control of the keepers mind and body with my horn of hypnos, and this would make it even easier to carry out... Phobos proved once again how foolish he really was I would not have to hunt down the guardian leader as in times past or hide to catch her off guard... this time it would be simple I would drop down into the caves she was being held in and blow her into a trances as planed, than the next part of my plan would began wait for her friends to show up and try to save her. As I figured out my next move I heard some sounds coming for the caves in which Will was in... it was the Passling known as 'Blunk'... it's wouldn't be a problem as I would only have to come up behind her as in times past so they wouldn't know I was their once this was done I would make Will act 'normally' until the others showed up and gave her the heart again, they would not know she was under a spell until it was too late and they themselves were mine as well. Now I had my plan I dropped down into the caves Will and the 'passling' were in and slowing moved as close as possible to blow the horn so she would hear it and become possessed by it's spell. It worked exactly as I intended as I was just a few feet from her I could almost touch her as I blew the horn right behind her hypnotizing her as soon as she heard it... monuments later she turned to look at me, but I had already hidden myself again to wait out the others who I knew would soon be their again to give her the heart of Kandrakar. As soon as she had it I would command her to use it to 'trance-form' this would mean I would able to then jump out of the rocks I was behind and use the horn on them as well. Will Vandom was already completely mindless as the 'passling' tryed to get her to react to him with no luck, as all of this was happening the other showed up as I have planed. It took them long enough to find her... no matter once the hypnotized Will Vandom has possession of the heart I commanded her to use it an transform into her Guardian form which she did without question right in front of the others who didn't realize what was going on until it was to late... as soon as she was done transforming I began to blow the horn at them as well to take control of their minds and bodies as well... as soon as they had heard the sound waves from the horn they all became just as mindless as their Guardian leader. Unfortunately for the 'passling' this was the last time he would ever be seen again as now I had all 5 Guardians of the veil under my control and my first order to them was to test the limits of my control over them... after taking care 'passling' our next task was simple...  'Prince' Phobos would soon have a change to see just what the heart of Kandrakar could do, too closely for comfort...

I don't own these characters I have only edited them. W.I.T.C.H. the animated series, © is Owned by Disney.

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LadyRWidow Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I used to love this show so much when I was younger.excited 
ThexW-I-T-C-HxMaster Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's my all time favorite as you can tell :). It was the best hypno item I have ever seen in it called the horn of hypnos. I show my own kids this from time or time.
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