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From behind, Part 1 by ThexW-I-T-C-HxMaster From behind, Part 1 by ThexW-I-T-C-HxMaster
It was the perfect plan to get at her and I only need one Guardian to do it... with her under my control I could easily gain control over Meridians 'all powerful' Queen Elyon. Who was in fact my real target and the final peace of the puzzle. I only needed one of them the only one she truly trusted, her 'best friend' Cornelia Hale, but getting close to Cornelia was hard enough with the others always around so I decided to 'use' one of them to do the job for me... I needed one of them but who... than as I was thinking this everything became alot more simple for me as I just witnessed Hay Lin herself turn invisible right in fornt of me... her ability would be Cornelia's down fall and make herself and more importantly Elyon mine forever... the only thing to do now was wait until nightfall when the others were gone to make my move. I used my knowledge of the girls current home locations to find Hay Lin, but you wouldn't need to have a GPS to find her location since Hay Lin is located in Heatherfields most famous Chinese restaurant the Sliver Dragon which her family owned for years, perfect... I waited outside her window for hours it seemed finally here she was... before she had a change to use the very ability I needed her in the first place for I jumped into her room from the window that was left open. No one would hear what when on her next as I blew the horn of hynpos only loud enough that she could hear it with her highly sensitive ears making it even more obvious to me that entranceing her was the right choice to make... I would only need her for a few short monuments to do my bedding, but then I thought as I looked into her now mindless eyes I realized I could use her for much much more and how much of a waste it would be to not use all of her wonderful abilities as I planed to do with Cornelia and Elyon, I looked into her eyes and told Hay Lin every part of my plan after that ordering her to remember only it until it was over than and only then would she be 'free' to forget it, her reply was quick and simple unlike her past self which was one of life and free will her anwser was slow and direct mindless and to the point, nothing like the 'old Hay Lin' her friends knew and loved... soon enough her reply would be repeated by Cornelia and Elyon as they too would call me 'Master'! Indeed I knew keeping her like this would the best plan I had ever come up with looking into her eyes even now... only Cornelia and Elyon were left.

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I don't own these characters I have only edited them. W.I.T.C.H. the animated series, © is Owned by Disney.

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widow-the-vaporeon Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Student

(looks in mirror) I look like a friggin dogs with my eyes AURGH

(looks at picture) actually know I like my eyes O-O

ThexW-I-T-C-HxMaster Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hay Lin is under the spell of the horn of hypnos in the image I tell how I plan to use her power to help trap Cornelia Hale who is my main target in the storyline I'm telling you would need to read this page and the next one for the whole thing.
widow-the-vaporeon Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Student
um.. okay. im going to go home then..
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